Did you know that in the first quarter of 2022,
over 65,000 Nigerians relocated to the UK alone.

Letter From The Desk of Dr. Stephen Akintayo

Dear Reader,

This is a sad TRUTH but over 50% of people who relocated to the USA, UK, CANADA, AND DUBAI won’t tell you.

What I am going to tell you happened 3 years ago and will shock you. it’s about one of my followers online who worked in one of those hotels in Nigeria. You know I love traveling a lot.

This young man was full of life and works in the reception area, So my path always crosses, he confided in me that he purchased land in his village and had already started building a house for his parents, I was happy for him.

He also got a personal car, a Silver Toyota, and living fine at that time.

Two months later I met him again in the hotel, this time he confide in me that he wants to travel out of the country and he is making preparations for it, I advised him against it, and suggested he take his time to put structures in place before leaving.

A couple of months later when I visited the hotel again, I can’t find him, then I knew he must have traveled out of the country. I was indeed happy for him, at least many people want to Japa for greener pastures abroad.

About a year and a few months later, I received a message on my Facebook messenger. Alas, it was him, I was so happy to hear from him again after he introduced himself, not knowing that, what he was about to REVEAL to me, will shock me so hard.

He has been jobless since he relocated, and just 6months ago he secured a job

I asked what the Job exactly is,

He said he can’t reveal what he does over there, that I won’t believe it.

I persuaded him to speak up.


He said, ” I work in the Morgue, I wash and clean De*d Bodies for a Living”

I shouted ”Jesus”, my phone almost fell off my hand and my heart immediately sank in.

What! he had spent six months washing and cleaning up what

I couldn’t believe my ears, my heart keeps pumping more blood continually.

For a few seconds, my brain ran back to his former job here in Nigeria and how he was doing well

Then I told him, why not come back to Nigeria? What he said next almost brought tears to my eyes.


Can you believe this?

He sold his car, collected a loan with his house that he was building as collateral, and left his good Job

He quickly ended the chat, sensing that I wasn’t happy and I had earlier warned him to take his time, and put structures in place before leaving.

Now he is stuck over there, and what they pay him over there can not take care of all his needs, you know how much these people pay in taxes over there after relocation. Not to talk about the debit at home.

I just can’t believe this, we mostly find these stories in the movies, but here it is playing out.

What is more annoying is the fact that he doesn’t have any skill set, and he couldn’t locate a good agency over there that provides real jobs for people, and the few he found only want his money.

I was sad and taught about how many Nigerians have Japa this year alone, and what their fate will be.

I taught about the kind of suffering most Nigerians face when they arrived in a new country, especially with the kind of image we have outside the country.

I taught about how many of my people are caught daily for crimes that can be avoided.

I taught about our women engaging in some acts to just earn a living.

I know how 99% of agents that helps people with relocation won’t reveal this to you.


I taught about how many more people want to Japa but have not put structures in place to land a job over there when they arrived

I know how many people will wait until when the opportunity to travel comes up before they start thinking of how to land a job over there when it is already too late.

We have too many Nigerians so interested in traveling without preparing themselves for the opportunities of securing a job over there when they arrived.

Yes, Many Nigerians are professionals and are skilled, but have you been taught about how to land a high-paying job over there before you travel,

These are little things people take for granted, but it’s happening real.

Some people will say, wait until I get there, I will know what to do. But what they don’t know is that

You have to start preparing now even before you have the opportunity of traveling out


Do you remember just recently there were Restrictions on the Number of Nigerians that can enter the UK, even in Dubai same thing just happened?


This is unconnected to the high level of unemployment over there and why they want to protect it

Imagine someone working in the morgue in a foreign land
Imagine people engaging in illegal activities over there

Imagine our young girls engaging in anything just to make money
Imagine people suffering more because of greener pastures all because of a lack of putting certain structures in place before leaving.

Imagine selling your properties, and taking a loan all because you want to Japa without putting structures in place

Imagine your friends, Family, and village people thinking you are already making it over there, without knowing the exact story

No wonder a lot of people are just packaging themselves, without saying the truth

That is why I have put together a Powerful System for any Nigerian who is traveling out of the country to land Jobs Before or after relocation.

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