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From the Table of ODOGWU
of Real Estate in Nigeria
Dear Friend,

I want to tell you a simple story of how a young lady after her NYSC started making over 500k Monthly, after Learning the ART of selling Properties. 

How an NYSC corper previously earning 40k, now earns over 500k monthly.

This is the Story of Martha, our honorable Sales Lady, and her colleague Esther.

After her schooling, Martha decided to apply as an intern working for the company and earning a little 40k per month.

But she was hungry for more, she knows with a 40k per month salary, she wouldn’t be able to achieve her dreams of affording anything she wants and also traveling the world over.

She learned the secrets of how to sell high ticket properties from Gtexthomes, with the help of the training by our Boss, Dr. Stephen Akintayo, she was armed with marketing and sales skill.

Now with those powerful skills, Martha has now become a sales machine, selling lands and houses every single month and earning over 500k monthly as commission.

While she can now afford whatever she wants, Esther is still not happy with her job.

While she earns over 500k Monthly, Esther is still getting paid 30k to 50k per month.

While she can now travel the world over, Esther is still complaining about the situation of the country.

Do you want to be like Martha, and earn over 500k monthly in commission, then join the next batch of Real Estate Sales Machine.

You can decide to continue with the way you are or take a single decision to change your life this 2023.

Don’t be like Esther, Be like Martha, and Become a Real Estate Sales Machine.

Presentation of 500k Monthly Commission

Imagine Earning 500k Monthly and how that will give you the freedom and the kind of life you’ve always wanted to live. The young lady now earns that monthly, just after becoming a sales machine and undergoing the necessary training from us.

This are other Sales Machine Receiving their Monthly Commission

She became the Top Selling Realtor for the Year

Taught of having your own car and cruising the lands of Lagos and Nigeria, Yes she won a car from our company with her other colleagues. Yes, you too can become a sales machine after this program and win a car or afford to buy any car of your choice.

She was part of the Team that won all Expense Paid Trip to Several Countries

Imagine traveling to 2 or 3 different countries in a year or more with your hard-earned money or winning an all-expense paid trip after becoming a sale machine.


Introducing Real Estate Masterclass

Become the next Sales Machine and learn the ART of Selling High Ticket Properties and bank up to 500k monthly as commissions.

Here is Exactly what you will Learn on that Day

-Getting Started in the Real Estate Sector.

-The Rudiments of building your portfolio.

-Product Knowledge and Understanding.

-Positioning herself as a Sales Machine.

-Where to get Clients for your Properties Online.

-Where to get clients for your properties Locally.

-How to sell Shamelessly.

-How to handle Clients’ Objections.

-Phone closing techniques.

-How to get foreign clients to buy from you.

-The hidden secret of closing your first deal.

And so much more.

Normal Price N100K

Note: Price increases by 10,000 every week

Pay Discount Price now N10,000


This Powerful Training will Hold

Date: Saturday, 13th MAY 2023. 

Time: 11 am prompt

Locations: This will be held across 5 States, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Abeokuta.

Online/Virtual: For those who can’t make it, you will get access to join online.

Inquiries: Whatsapp +234 808 166 6240. 

EMail info@gtextacademy.com


1. What if I Can’t Attend?      

You will get access to the recordings of the training.

2. Why different venues?

This is to make it easier for anyone to attend from his or her location.

3. Will the value of the training be the same? 

Yes, as a company that has trained thousands in this field, we know exactly how to communicate the exact same VALUE across all branches. 

4. Will I get a Certificate after the training?

Yes, we will present you with a Certificate of Real Estate Masterclass completion.

Welcome the New Sales Machine after the Powerful Session on March 25th. Don't Miss the Next Batch on MAY 13th For anything.

Lagos Branch New
Sales Machine

Abuja Branch with Amazing Sales Machine

Port Harcourt New
Sales Machine

Previous Editions and Presentation of Certificate

Achieve your 2023 goal of becoming a Sales Machine. Imagine investing just 10k instead of 100k to acquire this Lifesaving skill of selling and getting fat commissions every month back to back.


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