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In this event, Two (2) Wealthy Global Thought Leaders has promised to reveal the Exact Strategies and Systems that have made them Hundreds of Millions from selling on different platforms, Starting With Zero Capital.

Read what others are saying...

“I was at a paid event by Dr. Stephen Akintayo, where he upsold his mentorship and community to over 20 people within 3 minutes. I saw people paying millions instantly- a must-have for all creators and salespeople.”

Opeyemi Adesina (The Billionaire Advisor)

“Temi Ajibewa’s Bootcamp is the best I have ever attended. I gained a lot of clarity on how to sell my coaching business. It was phenomenal”

Chinyere Helyn (Talent Coach)

“One of Dr. Stephen’s 30 Minutes Instagram live once brought in leads that converted into over fifty million Naira. Just one Instagram live session.”

Qossim Akintayo (Wealth Advisor)

If you want to learn how to use both social media platforms + offline stages to 10X Your Sales in the next 30 days, with zero capital click the link below now to enroll.

If you read through, I will show you the exact same method my student used to crush 3.6 Billion Naira in Sales within three months

Let me explain to you...

I know you have used a lot of strategies to sell and grow your business and you have definitely had some successes; but you are still struggling to 10X your sales, because you have not found your SURE WINNING TICKET!

I started GTEXT HOLDINGS 14 Years ago, but my first seven years in business were filled with the usual business ups and downs until I found MY WINNING TICKET- CROWD-SELLING. Since then, I have maximized this strategy to make billions in revenue annually and also taught my mentees to do the same.

You should have heard the saying that "only a fool throw away his winning ticket". One of my mentees took this strategy religiously and closed a 3.6 Billion Naira Real Estate Deal within three months. Now, it's your turn but you can choose to walk away from this life-changing opportunity.

In 2021, I sold out the biggest event venue in Nigeria with my globally celebrated "Global Property Brokers Conference" with over 2,000 and 10,000 Physical and Virtual Attendees respectively.

With my recently published books- BILLIONAIRE HABITS, I have gone on a global tour to all the continents of the world hosting book reading sessions and revealing my GOLDEN WINNING TICKET to anyone who is hungry to learn.

Right now, my company has branches in seven (7) states in Nigeria- Abuja, Lagos Mainland (Omole), Lagos Island (Banan Island) Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Asaba, and Abeokuta. With international branches in the United Kingdom, United States of America and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

I can summarize my WINNING STRATEGY into:

I have a philosophy that has helped me become the billionaire I am today- ANYTHING I DO, I DO IT BIG. Since I quit trying to play the "Small Business Game" and went all out like the Apple Invasion and Coca-Cola Psychological Marketing, my business has grown to stand on global stages. YOU TOO CAN BE THE NEXT GLOBAL BRAND.

JOIN THIS MASTERCLASS with my very dear Branding Mastermind- TEMI AJIBEWA. Together we will program you for unstoppable growth in influence and revenue. This could be your last chance. We don't organize such masterclass every day.

Join NOW!!!

Five (5) Reasons you MUST NOT miss this masterclass:

  • You know that you can make more money if you can sell better
  • You know your product or service is a global brand but you don’t know how to push it as such
  • You have reached a point where you need fresh ideas for your marketing
  • You have great ideas that have never left your head
  • You know you should be making more money but you don’t know how

This Masterclass is your Answer:

As a bonus, you will get:

  1. FREE E-Copy of the Book “Monetizing Your Speaking and Writing Skills”
  2. FREE Access to Host Dr. Stephen in one of your Webinars
  3. FREE AD for your Event on Gtext Academy Social Media Page
  4. Globally Relevant Certification
  5. Branded Gift Items
  6. Free Lunch with Dr. Stephen Akintayo

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